Import, export and customs issues

Our experience in the field of international trade is as follows:

  • numerous simple and complex contracts with suppliers and buyers from all over the world. We work not only with the simple export and import contracts. The experience of our Office includes the drafting of the construction contracts for complex architectural projects, international contracts in the field of IT and high technology, contracts for creating of the distribution network. We are able not only to draw up contracts, but also to negotiate, to resolve disputes regarding the quality and performance of other contractual obligations out of court, and more;
  • dozens of judicial disputes concerning the adjustment of the customs value of goods, the definition of HS code of the goods or customs regulations code violations. During the last years we have been working with about 90 judicial disputes with customs. We have successful experience of legal defense in cases of customs regulations violation, in which the amount of the fine on the declarant was more than one million UAH;
  • the solution of complex problems of currency regulations. Currency legislation of Ukraine is not too liberal and it is sometimes difficult to comply with it, sometimes there should be creative approach to the issues of discharging of foreign exchange transactions. But without improvisations. We know what it is about;
  • assistance to exporters. Export is not a difficult procedure, if we treat this issue comprehensively. Some difficulties may arise in the field of certification; also there are possible obstacles on the part of customs. But those are all formal questions, which should not interfere with your plans. We suggest to take care of it together;
  • protection of interests in disputes with foreign contractors. In order to protect your interests in such dispute we along with our colleagues and partners from different countries will form an effective team. Our Office will take charge of the integration, communication and overcoming difficulties of selection of foreign lawyers, tasks setting and contacts with them.
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