Starting a business

Starting a business

It all starts with an idea.

In the same way people create business. In his own business person puts his philosophy and outlook, inspiration and ambition.

But in order to continue there is a need in the strategy and plan. Everything should be calculated; you should consider all strengths and weaknesses as well as find out where the benefits and where the obstacles are.

You can not foresee everything, but you can foresee a lot. And you can do a lot for protection. At the start there are no small details and issues of "not your" scale. It may subsequently appear that:

  • the structure of business and asset ownership is planned not effective enough from the point of view of taxation, asset protection, business development
  • owing to legal risks you may find it difficult to attract investors or loan funds
  • you reveal unexpected and difficult for implementation regulatory requirements or prohibitions
  • there is a conflict between the partners or misunderstandings with the investor,
  • the tax burden exceeds your expectations
  • the timeline for implementation of your plans is violated, since while planning it has not been taken into account the duration of bureaucratic procedures and the possible deviation from the legally required time limits;
  • the state lays a claim that you did not expect;
  • there have been claims of third parties with respect to the rights to the brand (name, graphic elements) or to unfair competition;
  • on the short-term horizon there is a dispute concerning intellectual property for a product or services;
  • trade secrets or other confidential information fall with the competitor;
  • counterparties do not fulfill their obligations, taking advantage of gaps in contracts;
  • there is a misunderstanding with the staff on intellectual property rights for the work results.

Let's start together.

Make a list of questions where you need advice without limitation to the solely legal ones and send it to my email address, or make an appointment. Together we will determine what problems the lawyer can help you with, what “protectors” to put, what experts to engage.